Stay Involved

Staying Involved Is the Best Way to Help Keys

At any given time, we usually have a number of opportunities for parents and professionals to contribute to Keys by participating in trainings, attending educational events, contributing testimony, and supporting other families.

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The ABC’s of Staying Involved with Keys:

A - Attend educational programs so your information is correct and up-to date.

B - Be a part of community and state decision making bodies. If your participation in these bodies is not facilitated by Keys, please call to let us know what you are doing and we will offer information to support your work if we can.

C - Come visit us.

D - Don't lose touch with us! We need to know how you are and what works for you so we can share it with other families.

E - Encourage other families to call us and to stay with the struggle to help their children.

F - Form a support group in your area.

G - Get involved in a support group.

H - Help at Keys as a volunteer.

I - Inspire other parents by giving us a written or videotaped testimonial of your successes to share with other parents.

J - Join our Board of Directors. W look for families statewide who can represent the diversity of Kansas' geography (urban, rural), socio-economics (use of publicly and privately funded services), and ethnic makeup (African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Asian as well as Caucasian)

K - Keep us on the ball by participating in evaluations of our programs.

M - Make your voice count by offering to testify at the Capitol. Call and tell us what you would be willing to share.

N - Nominate parents and professionals who demonstrate outstanding service to families and children for our annual Kansas Oscar Awards.

O - Offer to help families near you. Call and let us know that you want to help. We may be able to connect you with parents in your area who need your support.

P - Participate in the Kansas Family and Youth Satisfaction Surveys if you are eligible to do so.

S - Send us pictures of your children and family.

T - Take a stand for mental health at Advocacy Day at the Capitol.

U - Update your contact information with us when it changes.

V - Visit our website often and let us know what you think.