Links to Information

To make good decisions, parents must have good information on which to base their decisions. However, It is nearly impossible for parents in high-stress situations to have the energy and/or time to find good information to help them answer tough questions.

Keys’ primary mission is to connect parents and other primary caregivers with good information so they can get the services and supports needed to raise their children at home – where they belong.

One of the most extensive and accessible sources of information available today is online information. The Internet offers constant access to information to anyone, anywhere. Never before in history have parents been able to become so well-informed about so many issues related to their children.

Although the Internet gives parents new opportunities, this wealth of information can often be overwhelming.

In an effort to help parents find the information they want and need to help their children, we have developed an extensive directory of Internet links. This directory organizes the links by topic and describes the focus of each site and the features that are of most interest to parents.


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