How Does TPA Happen?

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Method of Delivery

Targeted Parent Assistance (TPA) is delivered individually and in groups, by telephone and in person. Assistance is individualized to accommodate difference in parents’ neighborhoods, cultures, languages, and values.

TPA Tools

The model includes a database, a staff training manual, fidelity measures, protocol to support the documentation of interventions and supports, and guidelines to promote and code the movement of families along the targets of the TPA Continuum.


The database is a tool for TPA that was developed and designed to support the documentation of interventions and supports offered to parents and to showcase the movement of families along the engagement continuum at 30-day intervals.

By using the database to document TPA, we are able to show over time what we do for parents, what parents say we do that is helpful, and how that help benefits their children.

Staff Training Manual

We designed a manual to train TPA staff in the following content and skill areas:

  • A helping model that is based on empowerment theory and Dr. Barry Kibel’s Outcome Engineering,

  • Listening for and capturing in writing what families ask for,

  • Offering non-clinical interventions and supports, and

  • Following up with the family at regular intervals to check on the usefulness of interventions and supports.